How to recognize a counterfeit supplement?

Nowadays almost everything is counterfeited by unfair companies wanting to earn money on good names of well-known manufacturers and trust of their clients. That is why we are publishing this note: to protect our clients from frauds and give them certainty that they buy original product that will meet their needs and expectations.

bullet_1.jpgFirst of all: Fitness Authority’s® products are packed in special foil sleeve and sealed for customer protection. We strongly recommend against buying supplements with broken seal or sleeve.podrobka1_en.jpg

bullet_2.jpgSecond: Lot number and expiration date on Fitness Authority’s® products are always debossed, never placed on stickers.


bullet_3.jpgThird: Shape and graphic design of our supplement is always displayed on our website: We also inform our clients immediately about every change in products’ design through those websites.


bullet_4.jpgFourth: Always be cautious if the price seems too low.

bullet_5.jpgFifth: We also want to inform our clients that sometimes counterfeited products can be sold at the same price as original products and look very similar or even the same as FA’s® products. Therefore we strongly recommend purchasing our products through wide network of our authorized retailers.