Platinum® Micellar Casein

Platinum® Micellar Casein / Description

Foods for Particular Nutritional Uses

Protein supplement that satisfies body needs after intensive physical effort

  • Promotes muscle mass growth
  • Long-lasting anabolic effect
  • Five delicious flavours
  • High content of BCAA and glutamine per serving size
  • Supports activity of “night” anabolic hormones peak


PLATINUM MICELLAR CASEIN® delivers the highest quality casein derived from milk. Casein is a special kind of protein with prolonged absorption time. Slow digestion of casein results in balanced release of amino acids into the bloodstream (up to several hours). Furthermore, high content of BCAA and glutamine in each serving additionally support long-lasting anti-catabolic effect. Due to that PLATINUM MICELLAR CASEIN® can inhibit muscle catabolism during long breaks between following meals or can be used as a "night" protein supporting anabolic hormones peak during sleep.

PLATINUM MICELLAR CASEIN® - digestive enzymes complex which supports maximal digestion of delivered casein so almost 100% of amino acids can be absorbed and used by the body.

Including PLATINUM MICELLAR CASEIN® into daily dietary plan, especially after afternoon or night training sessions, results in strong protein synthesis stimulation allowing for instant post-workout recovery and increase of muscle strength.