So Good!® Protein Bar

So Good!® Protein Bar / Description

  • Delicious and nutritious snack
  • Doesn’t contain aspartame
  • Convenient and practical way to satisfy your protein needs at work, school, during workout or travel
  • Perfect for shaping fit physique for men and women
  • 25 g of  protein in the form of bar
  • Delicious alternative for normal meal
  • Perfect after workout

SO GOOD PROTEIN® BAR is an unique protein bar formula that contains 30% of protein in every 80 g bar. Delicious bar that contains everything you need to keep healthy and fit.

Protein bars are a great way of supplying your body with protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals and are perfect replacement of normal meals. They are especially convenient when you need a surge of calories and, for any reasons, can’t have normal meal. Protein bars are perfect mix of delicious flavors and superior nutrients. Full nutritional profile listed on packaging make it easy to keep your daily calorie intake in under control.

High protein bars contains protein, simple and complex carbohydrates and almost no fat. They are convenient and practical solution for active people in need of delicious snack to support their body during intensive workout, work or dieting. They easy to consume at work, at school, during travel or after workout. They will satisfy the “need for something sweet”.