Xtreme Tech-Amino

Xtreme Tech-Amino / Description

Fast and easy assimilated amino acid formula based on whey protein hydrolysate in tablet form

  • Great bioavailability
  • Ensures instant anabolic stimulation
  • Accelerates post-workout recovery
  • Inhibits cortisol secretion
  • Strongly anti-catabolic formula
  • Delivers all essential amino acids
  • Contains no fillers
  • Pure protein in tablet form

Xtreme Tech-Amino® is potent highly advanced amino acid blend. Xtreme Tech-Amino® is based on two kinds of whey protein hydrolysates derived from enzymatic (not acid) hydrolysis what ensures the best quality and high absorption rate of all delivered amino acids. So it means that amino acids delivered by the blend are rapidly assimilated into the bloodstream just few minutes after ingestion. Further, Xtreme Tech-Amino® allows for maintenance of positive nitrogen balance in working muscles and ensures strong anabolic stimulation and anti-catabolic activity in all body tissues.

Xtreme Tech-Amino® contains no fillers so it means that each tablet provides 100% pure whey protein hydrolysate without the worry about unnecessary side effects from the gastro-intestinal tract.  Xtreme Tech-Amino® is perfect source of amino acids during each period of intense exercise, especially during short breaks between following training sets and as a post-workout source of high quality protein.  
Xtreme Tech-Amino® should be included in every dietary plan when it comes to instant recovery and anabolic stimulation.